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2012 Good Sam Bike Jam Website Design & Development

Lafayette Colorado Web Design

An an ongoing relationship with the SCLHS Good Samaritan Medical Center Foundation, in Lafayette, Colorado, we designed & developed this web design project for the 2012 Good Sam Bike Jam fundraising event.  The primary goals for the the 2012 event website design were to communicate a fun, inviting, & family-friendly atmosphere, and to allow for easy online registration & online payment for the event directly through the new 2012 Bike Jam website.

Web Design Creative Process

The primary goals of the web design project were discussed at length during our initial meeting with the Exempla Good Samaritan Medical Center Foundation (EGSMF), in Lafayette, Co.  These goals led directly into the creative design process to help communicate the nature & mission of the 2012 Good Sam Bike Jam Event, speak directly to their target audience, and convey the location of the event here in Lafayette, Colorado.  Due to the short timeline for this web design site launch, one well-developed design concept was presented to EGSMF for consideration and review in the design process.  The web design creative features a colorful header area with rolling fields, illustrative snow-covered rocky mountaintops, and bright blue sky to create depth on the page and to communicate the views riders can expect during the Bike Jam Ride in Lafayette.  In the main content area of the site pages, headline fonts draw from colors in the logo, and an overall clean font-treatment and organized column layout on the website pages makes the site easy to read and use for site visitors to learn more about the 2012 Good Sam Bike Jam event in Lafayette, Co.  Strong callouts for registration, creating a new team for the event, and featured sponsor placement on the homepage and throughout the site add values for both the sponsors and website visitors.

Event Registration Design

Online event registration was a critical piece of this web design project, and the process had to not only look good and be easy to use, but functional as well.  There was a significant amount of data to capture during the online registration process, including emergency contact info, signed forms and waivers, other important health information, as well as selecting an event jersey, sizes, meal tickets, and event t-shirt before checking out.  For this reason, we implemented a multi-step form process to limit the amount of fields on the page at any one time and break the data up into related areas during registration.  A prominent “cost total” box is also displayed at the top of each segment to keep the user informed of their current registration total.


Form field validation was implemented to prevent incomplete registrations, and the form data is compiled and sent to EGSMF staff for records and to have on file for the actual event.  Additional complexity was added into the web design registration process to allow special discount codes for sponsor registrants, as well as discounts for Exempla employees during the registration process. Paypal was the chosen payment gateway, and users can pay immediately after completing this portion of the registration process.

WordPress Web Development & Custom Theme

We developed a fully custom WordPress theme for this web design project, with highly customized admin interface for adding and managing teams, sponsors, and site content to deliver the client a full blown CMS built on the open source WordPress platform.  The client is also able to easily add new event jerseys and manage inventory and messaging for gear items they have for sale on the site.  Social integration for social sharing of event registrations was also implemented as a part of this web design project to make it very easy for new registrants to share the news with their facebook friends, and encourage them to register for this benefit event as well.

About the Client

The purpose of the Exempla Good Samaritan Foundation is to be the open door for those in our community who are as passionately committed to the Exempla Good Samaritan Medical Center’s vision as we are. Through the Foundation, donors will be able to help Exempla Good Samaritan Medical Center remain a unique healing environment in this community, use the most advanced medical technology, use the best practices in clinical care anywhere, and be a Good Samaritan to those who need us most.

The Good Sam Bike Jam is a fund raising event, sponsored by the Exempla Good Samaritan Foundation, to help provide the most advanced medical technology, replace outdated medical equipment, provide staff training to ensure the best possible medical care, and to meet our communities growing needs at the Exempla Medical Center here in Lafayette, Co.