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Creative Graphic & Print Design

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Creative Graphic & Print Design

In addition to specializing in graphics for websites & online marketing campaigns, we also have a talented team of print production designers that can design & create professional business cards, letterhead, brochures, catalogs, booklets, posters, flyers, handbills, and other traditional print collateral, as well as CD/DVD packaging, T-Shirt designs, QR Code designs, and other less traditional print design applications.  Often times our clients have found that print design materials are easier & less expensive than they expect, and we can deliver printed design materials in quantities from 10 to 5000+!  If you need to get the word out on the street, we can help you!

Business Cards, Letterhead & Brochures

Many of our clients engage us after starting a new company, and others need significant updates to existing business marketing materials to help promote their business and engage their customers.  In these cases, we propose creating new/updated business card design, in addition to creating consistent business letterhead and brochure designs that all match a cohesive and branded look for the business.  Many aspects are taken into consideration during the design process, including existing marketing materials, market research, competitive analysis, and customer demographics to create an original, fresh, and professional design that represents the business in the best possible way.

Event Poster Design, Flyers & Promo Materials

We have over 15 years of print/poster design for events the music industry, arts & entertainment, as well as business conferences and professional associations and live events.  The range of print design styles we have demonstrated over the years is nothing short of exceptional, and our clients have been thrilled with the response of their customers and lift in associated business/attendance to their events as a direct result of our print design efforts on their projects.  If you need a poster, flyer, or other print promotional materials for a live event or business conference, look no further!  We work closely with each and every print design project to make sure the marketing message & graphic design is on-point, and then handle all aspects of the project to manage the print production process & delivery of the posters/flyers/brochures into your hands!

 T-Shirt Design, QR Codes & more

While traditional print design applications make sense on many projects, sometimes a unique & different approach is needed to make a greater impact/statement out in the world.  Creating one-of-a-kind T-Shirt designs with your marketing/brand message/cool idea is another area we love to work in!  There is nothing better than delivering a box of incredible T-Shirt designs to our clients, and then release them out into the world for all to see.  We also specialize in the latest-and-greatest print design for Quick Response, or QR code design, which are basically digital bar codes that smart phones & mobile devices can quickly scan and be taken to a website, send a SMS message, or follow any other number of actions. This is literally where the print and digital worlds meet, and we have had great success working with QR Code Design projects to reach a modern and wide audience with unique marketing messages and end user experience.  People love it, and so do we!

CD/DVD Design & Cover Art

We also have loads of experience designing CD/DVD packaging materials, Jewel cases, and cover art. We have worked with both local & national touring musical acts on album covers, packaging materials, and cover art for CD/DVD’s, and even vinyl sleeve packaging!  Businesses also often have a need for print design materials on CD/DVD business presentations for marketing, trade shows, conferences, and even internal business process projects.  Having a professional CD cover design with matching inserts, and jewel case design will help convey exactly the image and message that you need on your project.