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Social Media Marketing

We're renaissance people – we really do it all.

Social media channels have become one of the leading, and most effective ways of reaching and communicating with people online.  We help many of our clients manage their social media presence, make updates across all relevant social media channels, and help each client achieve their specific goals when it comes to their social space.  Many of our web design clients dislike having to take extra time to repost content from their website or blog to Facebook and Twitter (for example).  For these clients, we build tight integrations with their websites and social media channels so that the content is posted automatically for them, which saves them time and headaches of having to manage it all.

We also manage social advertising for many clients to target very specific audiences on Facebook, and promote a service, product, or event that drives traffic to a custom build landing page on their website where we can then track conversions and behavior within their website.