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Best Buy Landing Page

Web Design & Development

This landing page design was created to allow Best Buy Reward Zone customers the opportunity to download and install a free version of Webroot Internet Security Essentials and Webroot AntiVirus as part of a one-time, special offer. The design of this page is clean and modern, with an emphasis on the physical product, and primary call to action button on the page to download the software.

After product messaging and content were completed, we implemented the various design elements, company logos, and other page content into this web page design, and launched the pages for public use.  This landing page design features subtle grey-to-white gradients and textures, horizontal line details to separate content, and a simple color scheme (following brand guidelines) to really bring focus to the product messaging as well as the boxed product itself, and give page visitors a simple pathway to download the product they came here for.  Ease of use for this page was the primary goal of this design, as well as letting Best Buy customers know they came to the right place to redeem their customer rewards.


We completed and coded two similar landing page designs/layouts for both the Internet Security Essentials product, as well as their Antivirus product, with slightly different messages and the appropriate product shots and related product awards for each page. Webroot headquarters are located in Broomfield, Colorado, and this projected was completed for Webroot’s online marketing team in a collaborative design effort with many rounds of revisions and creative designs. Cloudburst Design Studio is based in Lafayette, Co, and serves clients local to the Colorado Front Range, as well as across the United Sates.