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Boulder Logic Website Design

Boulder Web Design & Development

This website design project for Boulder Logic was strictly a web redesign project, with the final delivery of Photoshop PSD documents of the completed page designs and website templates at the completion of the project to the Boulder, Co, client.  In addition to website design layout of multiple page templates for the redesign of the Boulder Logic website, custom icon sets were created, as well as the overall concept and modification of stock imagery to match the messaging and create a fun and personal look for the new website design.  The completed designs, fonts, and all image assets were delivered to Boulder Logic for development and implementation by a 3rd party.

Website Design Process

When starting this website redesign project with Boulder Logic, we were provided wire frames for the new site that were created by ClixoConversion.com. With the site wire frames and information architecture in place, we were able to quickly deliver an initial round of two different creative website design options for the Boulder Logic home page, as well as one interior web page.  After collecting and incorporating feedback on these design options, a single design direction was chosen, and a total of six page templates were created in that design style following the information structure outlined in the website wire frames.  Another round of creative revisions allowed Boulder Logic to incorporate their final comments and changes into the new website design, and the final design documents were completed and delivered to Boulder Logic along with all fonts, icons, images, and all other design assets for the project.


Website Design Creative

At the time of this website design project, Boulder Logic had well established brand elements, a strong logo design, and color consistency that they wanted to retain as a part of this website redesign effort.  The final website design features a large purple header area and complimentary purple link color within site pages, with green color accents in the logo, bullet items, and titles and background in the footer area.  Primary “call to action” buttons on all pages are large and bright orange for strong contrast on the page, and more subtle dotted and solid divider elements are used throughout the site to break content sections up.

Icon design was also a large part of the creative process on this website design project.  We created a vibrant icon set for use throughout the site to bring attention to the various product services and offerings that Boulder Logic provides their customers.  Google web fonts were also use for section titles, and customer testimonials to keep as much live text on the pages while keeping the content easily readable by site visitors.

Another significant part of the design process involved creating and modifying stock imagery to create a consistent and unique look on the pages that matched the language and messaging throughout the site.  To achieve this, those design elements and graphics feature a hand-drawn arrow and script font to describe each image and associated section title.  This creates a fun, personal, and lighthearted design style that is consistent across the pages, and makes the stock imagery that was used appear to match in design style and messaging.  Here are a few examples that highlight these design choices and the overall effect on the pages:



Website Redesign Project Deliverables

At the conclusion of this website redesign project for Boulder Logic, we organized and cleaned up our photoshop design documents, and delivered the PSD document and final static web design images for all page templates and layouts to Boulder Logic.  Additionally, all fonts, images, icons, and other assets created and used in the website redesign were also collected, organized, and delivered to Boulder Logic.  During the development process, we also supported the 3rd party development team by creating and delivering new graphics, icons, and images that were added to new pages after the creative design was finished.