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Boulder Sausage Product Packaging Design

Boulder Sausage packaging branding updates

Boulder Sausage has been an ongoing client of our for many years now, and this product package design project was an exiting one to work on and be a part of! The package design was completely overhauled, from the look and feel and overall design of the labels, to testing the actual product packaging materials with consumers in focus groups and test panels. In addition to the physical design of the packaging, we were also able to help come up with new product messaging and positioning within the market to add some personality and memorable elements within the product packaging design.

Packaging Design Considerations

Boulder Sausage has a number of (delicious!) products in their sausage line, and we wanted to be sure that the product packaging design was both highly visible on the shelf, and also easy for customers to select their favorite flavor. We created a color system that carries across products and is connected to the specific flavor and seasoning of the sausage.

Boulder Sausage boxes

Another really fun aspect of this packaging design project was the product messaging. This is another great way to help the products stand out against the competition on the shelf, and add some personality into the packaging and to the brand as well. The messaging ranges from edgy, to puns, to double entendres, and has a consistent placement across the layouts.

Sausage Packaging Mockup

Focus Group Package Design Testing

User testing was done in a professional focus group testing lab with a wide set of individuals across demographics. The focus group was presented with many packaging examples across several well-known and local brands, and were asked questions about the style of packaging, overall design, and impressions about the brand. The feedback collected from these focus groups was used to refine the packaging design, and to make adjustments to the messaging. The focus group was also asked about the final packaging materials, clear trays versus opaque versus black, and the colors used across the product line.

Boulder Sausage Packaging design

Another key goal of the project was highlight the nutritional aspects for consumers. This was accomplished through icon design elements for important items like Sugar Free, Colorado Proud, Gluten Free, as well as using check marks on the top of all packaging designs to show the healthy aspects of the products across the board.

Boulder Sausage Package design

About Boulder Sausage

Over the past 30 years, Boulder Sausage has continued to set itself apart by keeping the tradition of fresh sausage minimally processed with only pork and spices. Boulder Sausage strives to be a brand customers can always trust, and going the extra mile to ensure quality.

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