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Design creative & marketing support for Jurassic World partnership

Creative marketing design

This partnership was a special one surrounding the release of the Jurassic World movie as part of more general marketing efforts for Webroot security software products.  Multiple assets and deliverables were needed to support this marketing campaign effort, including creative for website assets, landing pages, and lead generation, as well as display and social media advertising creative.  This was a highly collaborative partnership, with specific requirements and creative review at every stage along the way to keep the design elements aligned across both brands.

Conceptualization and Strategy

The challenge was twofold: to create a marketing campaign that showcased Webroot antivirus as the ultimate trusted protector in the digital realm, while seamlessly incorporating the excitement and threats that exist within the Jurassic World franchise. Our task was to demonstrate how Webroot’s advanced technology safeguards your digital life, much like the Jurassic World team protects their visitors from prehistoric creatures.

From a design perspective, we meticulously merged the aesthetic elements of both worlds and developed a visual identity that combined the sleek and futuristic design of Webroot with the primal and adventurous imagery of Jurassic World. The color palette seamlessly integrated the vibrant greens of Webroot with the earthy tones of Jurassic World, establishing a cohesive and visually striking identity.

Creative marketing design

Creative Design Assets

Our creative design assets were adapted for various platforms, maintaining consistency while optimizing content for each channel. Engaging advertisements, posts, content, and animated elements invited the audience to interact with the campaign, fostering a sense of involvement and excitement.

Creative marketing assets

The campaign was a resounding success. Webroot experienced a significant increase in brand awareness and engagement, with a notable uptick in website traffic and direct to consumer sales throughout the campaign. The innovative fusion of Jurassic World’s thrill and brand recognition with Webroot’s security products proved to be a compelling narrative that resonated with a diverse audience.


At Cloudburst Design, we take pride in pushing the boundaries of creativity and technology. The Jurassic World + Webroot campaign stands as a testament to our ability to craft immersive digital experiences that captivate audiences, bridge diverse themes, and drive impactful results. If you’re seeking a digital agency that can transform your brand’s vision into a tangible reality, reach out to us today. Let’s collaborate to create your next groundbreaking campaign!