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DNN Software Infographic Design

Infographic Design

This infographic design project for DNN software was a super short turnaround project that we absolutely loved working on!  DNN Software was referred to us by another customer of ours, and they provided us with a rough script for the data they want us to illustrate and highlight, and indicated that they wanted to have alternating sections with bright colors to engage users that might find this piece.

Infographic Audience & Design Choices

The intended audience for this infographic design project was marketers at mid-sized companies, and the goal of the piece was to illustrate how complex a task marketing actually is based on data from a survey that was conducted.  One of the primary design choices was to maintain a numerical, “bulleted” approach to the flow of this infographic design, so we incorporated a small numerical disc for each section of the piece.  The colors of each disc tie in closely with the data being presented in each section to connect them visually, and also move the reader through the design as naturally as possible.

Whenever possible, the actual data numbers were accentuated in the infographic design, as well as a supporting visual design element or chart graphic. We also broke up each high-contrast design panel by using asymmetrical shapes with angled edges. As the infographic piece progresses toward the “solutions” section, we incorporated DNN brand colors to finish the piece and tie in closely with the company logo at the very bottom.

The Final Infographic Design Product

The intended outlet for this infographic design project was primarily web-based for the company website and social media, but we designed the infographic in Adobe Illustrator to allow the maximum flexibility of future use for both web, and scalability to larger sizes for print.  Elements from this infographic will certainly be repurposed for future projects for this client to create a consistent look for all final design projects.