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Boulder Mobile Responsive WordPress Site Design & Development

Boulder Mobile Responsive Wordpress Development

Before the start of this fully custom, mobile responsive WordPress content management site, we had been working with Harrington Stanko for several years maintaining and updating a static HTML website for them.  There were several high level goals for this website redesign project, including improving overall branding for the client, improved site design and navigation, developing a mobile responsive website, on-page Search Engine Optimization improvements, and making site updates and project additions very easy for the client to manage going forward.

Mobile Responsive Design & Development

There were many design considerations that went into planning this mobile responsive WordPress site.  The design features a clean navigation system that’s fixed in view along the left side of the browser, and large images showing off the quality and expertise that Harrington Stanko provides to their customers.  Simple, and effective marketing messages are highlighted on the homepage, with clear contact info always present in view.  In the smaller mobile views, the main navigation moves into the traditional top position, and has user-friendly elements to make the menu obvious and easy to use on smaller touch enabled devices.  The mobile responsive framework is built off Twitter Boostrap, and build on top of our self-developed, highly custom Cloudstrap starter WordPress theme.


Boulder Mobile Responsive WordPress Site


Custom WordPress Content Management System

After managing manual site updates for this client for several years, we were thrilled to build out this new site as a fully custom WordPress Content Management System so the client could control the site content and updates going forward.  The most important feature for the content management system is the ability for the client to convert “in-progress” construction projects to “completed” projects just by updating the custom post item, and the site fully updates everywhere to reflect the status change of the project.  The photo galleries for each project are also fully editable in the admin area, and are grouped into sections based on when they were taken in the progress of a construction project, so potential customers can see the photos of the builds, and then the finished construction project in an organized and intuitive way.  The front-end of this mobile responsive WordPress site consumes the projects in different places and lists them according to how they are setup in the custom post admin area, and also handles all image compression, optimization, and resizing so that the layouts stay consistent and the design continues to look great going forward.


Boulder Mobile REsponsive WordPress CMS website


 About the Client

Harrington Stanko is a Boulder, Colorado, construction and remodeling company with over 3 decades of experience and an amazing team of designers, architects, and builders on staff.  They specialize in high-end residential and commercial construction projects, and it was our pleasure to work with them on this project.

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