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Lakewood Poster Design

Poster Design

The event poster design was created to promote the spring, 2011, Hannah Kahn Dance Company performance of Knoxville: Summer of 1915 at the Lakewood Cultural Center, in Lakewood Colorado. In addition to these eye-catching 11×17 posters, which feature all the dancers, singers, and performers that appear in the “Knoxville” piece, matching postcards were created and sent via USPS mail to Denver-area dance and arts supporters.

This event poster design for Knoxville: Summer of 1915 features a vintage, aged/distressed treatment, and embellished title fonts to help convey the emotion and era of this piece. This Dance concert features a famous piece of music by American Composer, Samuel Barber, and is performed by an opera singer and piano accompanist during the dance piece. All of the Knoxville text that is performed during the concert is also incorporated into this poster design across the background of the entire design, and adds an element of elegance, as well as texture to the poster design.

The costumes of the dancers and performers are impressive and very detailed, and we thought it would be helpful to show all the performers on stage within this poster design to highlight the size of the cast, as well as some of the movement that the audience can expect to see during the concert production.