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Leglube Ecommerce WordPress Website

Wordpress eCommerce Website

The LegLube Ecommerce website was designed & developed for this Boulder, Colorado, company as a fully customized WordPress installation and Ecommerce shopping cart solution with full Paypal gateway integration as well as custom account creation for retailers to be able to purchase wholesale products for placement in the stores in Boulder and around the country.

Web Design Process

This project began with a thorough web design review process to identify the look & feel that the client wanted for the LegLube Ecommerce website, which ultimately was a clean, open layout with subtle shades of grey throughout the design and easy navigation to product and cart pages. This created a great visual contrast with the physical product design and product photos on the site, which feature bright, vibrant use of color and brand consistency with the LegLube logo design. We worked very closely with the client during the design phase of the project to achieve exactly the experience that they wanted for their site visitors.

Web Development Process

The approved creative web site design was then implemented as a fully custom WordPress theme and shopping cart solution that allows both typical consumer purchases, as well as wholesale purchases by retail customers that have created a LegLube “Retailer Account”. The cart experience is identical for both types of customers, the only difference being that a different set of products are available for verified, logged-in retail customers, and taxes are dynamically applied different to both customers as well.


A custom registration form and process was created to allow wholesale/retail customers to quickly create a new wholesale account, verify their email address, and then get right to making wholesale/bulk purchases through this Ecommerce web store.  In addition to typical account info, LegLube verifies all new retail accounts through a custom built WordPress Admin tool interface that lists all new accounts that are pending approval with contact and business information.


As a way for Leglube retailers to get the added benefit of listing their physical location to site visitors that are interested in knowing where they can find LegLube products in stores, we integrated Google Maps Store Location fuctionality with search and embedded map functionality into the Location page on the LegLube website.  This map interface allows customers in Boulder, and around the country, to search and find stores near them that carry LegLube products. This creates an added benefit to both retail and regular site visitors to see the product reach on this interactive map interface.