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Mersive Responsive WordPress eCommerce Website Redesign & Branding Updates

Denver Wordpress Website Responsive Design

Mersive is a Denver-based company with incredible products and an amazing team that we are excited to work with and assist with web site design, graphics design, web creative, and website admin management.  For this eCommerce website redesign and branding project, we collaborated and assisted with the website rebranding efforts and redesign of all website pages.  This included migrating their existing shopping cart to WooCommerce, as well as design for all site pages, Salesforce integration with onsite forms, and website speed optimization and overall UX improvements.

Website Design & Development

Mersive had been an ongoing client of ours for several years before the start of this project, so we had a solid understanding of the existing systems and required functionality for the new site.  The initial design input from the client was to have an extremely clean and sophisticated look and feel for the new website design project.  They specifically requested that the pages be light in color, and bring in the updated brand colors and elements of the new logo across the new site pages.

Denver WordPress Website Responsive Design
While many of the site pages were longer scrolling style web layouts, we incorporated iconography, screenshots, videos, and graphic treatments to create interest on the site pages that would encourage users to continue scrolling and consuming content on the pages of the redesigned website.  Subtle background treatments leverage a black and white stylized treatment to allow the primary brand colors to stand out on the site pages, and these backgrounds were often styled with a slight blurred graphic treatment as well.


Custom WooCommerce eCommerce Shopping Platform

One of the most critical aspects of this website redesign project was migrating the eCommerce platform to a new solution: WooCommerce.  We love the WooCommerce solution for eCommerce systems due to it’s reliability, flexibility, and wide adoption, which makes ecommerce development and deployment much quicker and easier up front and from a maintenance perspective over time.

Denver WordPress Website Responsive Design

In this system, the ecommerce products all have several pricing variations and user license agreements per product variation that are accounted for with custom rules and pricing for the customers on the front-end.  The admin aspect of the ecommerce system include reporting on monthly sales, order statuses, and stock management as well.  There were extensive custom ecommerce rules setup to limit products and cart combinations to specific countries, as well as detail tax rules and shipping zones and groupings to make shipping and fulfillment as seamless as possible.


Mobile Responsive Design

Mobile Responsive Design and website development allows websites to detect and respond/adapt to any screen size or device width. This is a critical considerations on any website redesign and development project, especially with ever-increasing mobile traffic and mobile behavior. Site visitors have high expectations that impact their behavior on mobile devices, and overall impression of a company or brand – especially in the tech or startup industries.


Denver WordPress Website Responsive Design

For this website redesign project the design considerations included mobile menus, page content flow, grid column structure, content subtraction on mobile, and even changing the experience entirely if mobile users are trying to accomplish a different task than desktop visitors.  Many mobile visitors will return at a later time on another device, so it’s important that the experience is seamless and matches the brand experience throughout the interactions on various devices.

Mobile design optimization is also an important service that Cloudburst offers, and happen post-launch to optimize websites and page load times to be as fast as possible across devices and operating systems.  A mobile responsive design approach requires a lot of testing across devices like phones and tablets, different operating systems, as well as browsers and even different versions of browsers to ensure a consistent user experience and brand experience across all these devices.


Custom WordPress Content Management

This entire Mersive web redesign & development project was deployed leveraging WordPress as the Content Management System (CMS).  Not only did this allow us to develop and deploy quickly, but it also allows the client full control over the site content as they were used to managing from previous iterations of their website.  The existing content migration and editing process stayed entirely the same, with additional improvements so the client is able to make content edits, create landing pages, manage web forms, modal popup windows, add features, change product pricing, control navigational elements, manage the integration with Salesforce and Google Analytics, and add or remove team members and careers job posting from the site without any need to have Cloudburst (or any web developer) to make those changes.

There are separated sections within the admin that allow for granular control over the content types like press releases, landing pages, job postings, newsletters, events, and other custom post types. We also added functionality to manage images and custom sorting of the WordPress media library to identify and optimize large and outdated images stored on the server that were not longer in use on the redesigned website. While WordPress does a reasonable job as a Content Management System “out of the box”, the customizations we make to the admin and editor interfaces really bring the WordPress CMS capabilities to life for our clients!


About Mersive

Mersive is a leading provider of wireless media streaming and collaboration solutions that enable multiple users to simultaneously share content from computers, tablets, and phones to any meeting room display – securely and with the greatest ease of use. Solstice vastly increases meeting productivity and collaboration by putting content sharing at the center of the meeting experience.

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