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MetaComet: Branding Updates, Web Design, Custom WordPress Development, Display Ad Marketing


As part of their overall Q1 business strategy, MetaComet engaged us for a branding refresh, plus a full website redesign and rebuild on a custom WordPress CMS platform.  This exploration included color palette updates, logo and overall brand updates, and a simplification of their website from a user experience and content architecture perspective.  The result was a significant lift in time spent on-site, user engagement, and lead generation as they build new customer relationships and grow the business.

Color palette exploration

During the initial discussions and design planning for this project, the client expressed a desire to update the color palette to clean up the overall design expression.  Approaching this request from a color theory and psychology direction, we ultimately landed on the a palette that included a range of vibrant blues, greens, and dark accents for the overall theme.  These colors were then combined into ranges to create subtle gradients to be used across the elements of the logo and website to add depth and dimension to images and background images.

color palette exploration for brand

Logo and business card refresh

The color palette updates allowed us to take a fresh look at the brand mark and logo, as well as business card updates to carry this new vibrant color theme across the brand elements. A classic business card design with the inverted logo shown over a very dark gradient, with a clean and modern design for the content side of the business cards.

MetaComet business card design updates and brand refresh

Custom WordPress design & development

The client had an existing WordPress-based website that we needed to redesign, and relaunch while maintaining all the existing content and functionality. A new custom theme was developed, and existing functionality was flowed into the custom WordPress theme via custom scripts and plugins.  The design is modern, clean, vibrant, and well-organized from a content architecture perspective so that end-users are able to find everything they are looking for, as easily as possible. 

Wordpress design and development

Mobile responsive design was an important consideration to ensure the site loaded quickly, and correctly across desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. We simplified the breakpoints and mobile behavior so there is a more fluid and simple experience across devices.  Consideration for touch events, form submissions, and the entire mobile experience was a critical aspect of this web design project.  The website serves as a primary lead generation tool for the business, including event landing pages and interactive content as a though leader in the industry, so a seamless and professional experience for the web property was a priority. 

Mobile responsive WordPress development

Digital and print ad marketing

Once the branding, business cards, and website design systems were established, we moved into digital and print ad asset creation for DV360 digital marketing channels.  The ads created were approached from both a thought leadership perspective, as well as brand awareness and demand generation to gain new customers. Digital ads are used for marketing to new potential customers, and are also great for brand awareness and growing into new markets.

Digital display ad design and marketing

Print ads for magazines and other traditional physical media were also created for use when promoting trade shows, events, and for use in industry magazines and publications.  Tracking for these ads is an important consideration that we solve with vanity URLs for specific events and publications so interaction and engagement can be measured.

Print ad design

About MetaComet

MetaComet launched its cutting-edge royalty management software in 1999 and every year since has invested heavily in refining its features, improving its ease of use, and enhancing its security. Their software solution is recognized by many of the largest publishers, video game distributors, and entertainment companies as the gold standard for royalty management worldwide.

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