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OMNI Denver Website Redesign

Banner Graphic Design

This website design project for OMNI, a Denver nonprofit social science agency that supports nonprofits, foundations and government agencies, was executed over the summer in several design phases to support a phased roll out of the final website design.  The scope of this project included creating entirely new website designs to improve the overall online experience for potential OMNI clients, as well as highlight the importance and quality of the work that the organization does, in addition to overall brand recognition and improvements.

Website Design Creative

This Denver web design client was interested in having a clean, contemporary, and informational site designed with strong graphic call-outs and an organized layout to support the website content.  They also specifically requested a strong, but subtle use of color throughout the site design, and large rotating banner design elements on the site home page.  To meet these design requirements, we chose to incorporate a thin, 5-color design element in locations throughout the website design, most notably on the homepage banner top and bottom edges, as well as the top edge of the footer in all pages.  These individual colors are also used throughout the design as link colors, horizontal breaks, and title colors to tie the design together.  Due to the symmetry of the logo, we chose to center this logo on the page, with primary navigation on either side of the logo to create a unique, but balanced style for the top of the site pages.  A web-friendly, san-serif font was also used for all titles, and body content.  Another subtle design element is the design watermark that we created from the Denver companies logo, which is located along the top of all site pages, and is nearly transparent in the design to create an element of depth on the website pages.


Website Banner Design

The web banner designs for the homepage of the Denver OMNI website design project were critical in the overall design style and messaging for the site homepage.  These rotating banners were designed to be the primary focus of attention for site visitors, as well as informational about the services that OMNI provides to their clients. The four banner messages include panels with main title and subtext for Better Outcomes, Real-World Solutions, Data Optimization, and Improved Performance.  Each website banner background image was designed to compliment the primary marketing message, while providing a clean presentation of the text content over each image.

  denver-web-design-website-layout-OMNI-2 denver-web-design-website-layout-OMNI-3 denver-web-design-website-layout-OMNI-4 denver-web-design-website-layout-OMNI-5

About the Client

Colorado-based OMNI is a nonprofit social science agency that supports nonprofits, foundations and government agencies in a wide variety of project areas, such as youth development, early childhood and education, the prevention of social problems and community health promotion, criminal and juvenile justice, family services, leadership development, treatment and recovery. OMNI integrates applied research, capacity building and technology solutions for the benefit of the nonprofit, philanthropic and public sectors and the communities they serve.