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QR Code Viral Music T-Shirt

QR Code Design

This QR Code design project was an extension of an earlier QR Code Campaign in Boulder, Co,  for the band SoundRabbit, that may actually be the first-ever viral QR code t-shirt designed specifically for free music downloads!  QR Codes are just like bar codes, except that they can be “read” by free QR reader Apps on iPhones, Androids, and Blackberry Devices, by taking and scanning a photograph with the mobile device.  In this case, the QR codes in each design are for a single song, and that song is downloaded directly to the iPhone or mobile device where the user can either save the music, or start listening to their new (and free) music immediately!  The overall concept behind these “viral” QR code shirts, is that fans of SoundRabbit can literally “wear” their favorite music or songs by the band, and immediately share it easily with their friends and anyone else they happen meet along the way.

QR Code Design Process

In collaboration with members of the Boulder, Colorado band, SoundRabbit, these QR Code design concepts were explored and then created each with a unique design and implementation.  For the “Don” QR code free music download viral t-shirt design, we incorporated a custom stylized windmill vector graphic to tie into the song topic, which is about the story of Don Quixote, and along side we incorporated the song title and SoundRabbit band name in a whimsical font treatment.  The QR code itself is designed into the base of the windmill graphic, and rotated 45 degrees from the usual QR code display to follow the lines & angles created by the windmill blades.

The “Hazel” QR code free music download viral t-shirt design uses a much more straightforward & slightly larger QR code presentation, as well as the song title (above) and band name (beneath).  These womens QR code t-shirts currently come in pink only, but further merchandise runs may include more color options for SoundRabbit fans.

The third viral QR code free music download t-shirt revisits the “You Are Not A Pirate” campaign we previously created for SoundRabbit, with additional song options and a larger quantity of physical shirts.  This QR code t-shirt is unique because 4 different & full length songs are available for free download on this single piece of clothing! The graphic design style for this viral QR code music download shirt design uses clean, bold fonts and tight line height for the primary messaging, allowing for interesting use of the negative space between the text lines to invert the text and background colors.

These shirts were printed by Advantage Design in Lafayette, Colorado.

QR-code-design-2QR-code-design-3 QR-code-design-4

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