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Uvize – Boulder Logo Design & Branding

Boulder Logo Design

The Uvize logo design was created over the summer of 2011, and incorporates an open book & pages in brilliant blue color tones to symbolize the goal of this Boulder Educational company: to prepare high school students for their journey into college and future educational experiences.  We initially began working with Uvize on the Boulder logo design as part of a greater project that first included the logo design portion of the project, followed by another project phase that included customizing a WordPress installation and theme based on the creative logo design to reach out to their targeted demographic of both students and their parents.

We were challenged on this Boulder Logo Design project to create a simple, iconic, and memorable graphic logo design that conveyed all the concepts of “Academic”, “Youth” and “Modern” for students as well as their parents.  Blue was the client’s choice, but we worked closely with the client to dial that color choice in to something bold, bright, and easily readable on both light and dark background colors through many creative rounds & revisions.  Other elements within the logo design, like the open book graphic, by itself does not read as a specific letter, but within the logo design, this iconic book & pages graphic takes on new meaning, and clearly communicates as the letter “V” within the logo design.

In the large image of the logo design above, you will see the logo sitting in the newly customized website template, including customized background, graphic elements and layout.  The logo design files files were delivered to the client in a variety of vector and raster formats for maximum flexibility and use, including transparent .gif, .png, and .eps vector formats so that the client can use in other formats, and re-size the image without any loss in quality.  This is especially helpful in fulfilling other brand materials like business cards, letterhead, t-shirts, notebooks, and other printed materials.